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Ceramic Tile
Refinishing Services

Refinishing the tile with a modern finish can bring your bathroom into the 21st Century.

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Ceramic Tile Refinishing

There's No Tile We Can't Handle

One of the fastest and affordable projects that you can perform to have the most impact on the styling of your bathroom is to have Tubz Plus refinish the wall tile.

Does walking into your bathroom make you feel like you have returned to the 1960’s or 70’s? Is the tile outdated and the grout lines discolored? Maybe you’ve noticed a few cracks in the tile and some of the grout lines are grey and blackish. Could that be mold? Cleaning older tile and grout is a very temporary solution. Because the grout is no longer sealed, soap film and body oils will reattach itself causing the growth of mold and bacteria. That makes the bathroom not only unsightly but unhealthy as well.

The ceramic tile refinishing process by Tubz Plus will update your bathroom without all of the mess and delay. We don’t depend on outside contractors as part of our refinishing process, which saves you time and money and allows us to completely update your project usually in one or two days.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing



You have options.

We know that you like choices and options. That’s why we offer two different types of refinish coatings. The most popular option is a solid color available in any color you can imagine. The second option is our “multi-spec” simulated stone finish. It is extremely durable, looks like stone, and has subtle texture.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing



See the difference we can make…

Use the slider to take a look at how a ceramic tile refinish can completely transform your bathroom. Old, tarnished tile was refinished using a brand new, solid white tile that sealed the grout and made the bathroom a safer environment.

Ceramic Tile RefinishingCeramic Tile Refinishing

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