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Bathtub Structural
Crack Repair

We have developed a system for structural crack repairs that is fast and allows you to use your tub again in 24 hours.

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Bathtub Structural Crack Repair

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Cracks in bathtubs usually happen to those manufactured of fiberglass. They are usually a “one piece” tub with integral walls on three sides. They often crack in the floor part of the tub and if not repaired, the water will leak through causing the crack to get larger and also damage the floor and possibly the structural subfloor causing extreme and costly damage.

These types of structural cracks require an experienced repair technician because the tub floor must be properly supported from underneath or the repair will fail. Tubz Plus has developed a system for structural fiberglass crack repairs that allows us to provide support under the tub while we repair the crack using fiberglass and gelcoat (which is what the tub is made of originally). This process usually takes about two hours to complete and the tub can be used in as little as 24 hours later.

Bathtub Structural Crack Repair



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Use the slider to take a look at how we helped a customer repair a giant structural crack in the bottom of their bathtub, making it safe to bathe again! This process is completed without even moving the tub!

Bathtub Structural Crack RepairBathtub Structural Crack Repair

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