"Bathtub to Whirlpool Conversion"


Have you always dreamed of having a soothing relaxing jacuzzi type whirlpool bathtub but are settling for just a plain old tub?

Well now you can have that whirlpool tub. Tubz Plus can install jets in YOUR BATHTUB, without removing the tub or disturbing any tile or plumbing.


The tub to the left is a good candidate to be "jetted".


Now that same tub has holes cut where the jets will be placed.


With the whirlpool conversion complete there's not much left to do but get ready for a nice warm soothing bath.

The standard conversion includes a 6 jet system, complete with 1 HP pump and airbutton touch control. Each jet can be individually adjusted and controlled. The plumbing lines and pump are all concealed underneath the spaces of the tub so the installation looks just like it was done at the factory.

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