Countertop Refinishing

Countertops are another item in your home that get alot of attention by you and your guests. They also get alot of abuse. Sometimes countertops can get scratches and stains caused by food spills, knives or curling irons. All of these typoes of damages are repaired during the Tubz plus Countertop Refinish process.


On the left is a synthetic marble vanity that was stained and cracked inside the bowl


The entire top and bowl has been refinished using our textured "multi-spec" product.

This process can be used on any type of countertop material!"

We have many multi-family properties that use this service for updating and repairing their countertops. They enjoy the large selection of colors and styles to choose from and what's really important to then is the time tested durability of the coating. If this proces can hold up well in rental property, then you can be assured that it will last a long time in your home.

Before Before

color wheelStone Colors


We know that you like choices and options. That's why we offer two different types of refinish coatings.

The most popular is a solid color, often white. But for the more creative and adventurous, we can provide a solid finish in any color that you can imagine. We can even help you determine what color will work best for your project.

The second type of finish is our "Multi-spec" simulated stone finish. It is extremely durable, looks like stone and even has a subtle texture to give the simulated stone effect. This coating can be used on any surface but we highly recommend that you consider using it if you are considering refinishing ceramic tile or countertops.

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