Bathtub Refinishing

The practice of bathtub refinishing has been around as long as there have been bathtubs. But during the last 25 to 30 years it has become a very popular alternative to replacing tubs.

Before after


Replacing a bathtub is a major project. If there is tile around it, then at least 2 rows of tile has to be removed. Some of it will be broken and the same color and style may not be available any longer, so that compounds the issue. Often the plumbing has to be rearranged to align properly with a new tub. And there is always the question of whether a new tub will even fit through the doors. As a result, most bathroom demolition and remodel projects can cost in excess of $10,000 and take 10 to 14 days to complete. Not to mention the scheduling conflicts between the contractor, tile man, plumber and possibly a carpenter.tub changeout And all of this just to resurface the bathtub!

But the refinishing process by Tubz Plus will update your bathroom without all of the mess and delay. We don't depend on outside contractors as apart of our refinishing process and that allows us to completly update your project usually in one or two days. And that saves you money. In fact, bathtub refinishing costs a fraction of what it takes to remove and replace a tub.

Refinished Tub


As with most things, modern technology has resulted in a drastic improvement in the quality of the products that we use. In fact, twenty years ago, we were borrowing products and processes from other industries to refinish tubs. But since that time, large companies have recognized the popularity and corresponding needs related to our industry. As a result, we now have high quality products, many of which are manufactured specifically for the refinishing industry. Tubz Plus uses only the best products and techniques on the market. That allows us to offer you the most reliable, durable and dependable service available.


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