Bathtub to Shower Conversions

As we age it becomes cumbersome to step over the bathtub wall to enter the tub. In fact, this page from the US CDC Household Injuries indicates that the primary area of the home where injuries occur is the bathroom. And as we age it only gets worse.

One of our most common inquiries is about removing a bathtub and installing a shower.



The pictures on the left offer a good idea of what can be done to provide a safe means of entry into the bathing area. As you can see on the far left, the bathtub was an outdated color and was made of cast iron porcelain with the typical tile surround. The tub was removed, a fiberglass BARRIER FREE shower base was installed and acrylic walls were installed right over the tile. Installing the acrylic walls over the tile allowed for a much faster completion time and considerable money savings. Also note the customized grab bars installed for added security for the user. This process is often completed in as little as one day!



In this project, we removed a corner tub (left pic) and built a wall which allowed us to install a fiberglass BARRIER FREE roll-in shower base. As above, we installed acrylic walls from floor to ceiling to ensure against any water damage to exposed drywall that occurs from shower splatter. Note also, the customized grab bars and adjustable shower head assembly.

Seating & Grab Bar Options

There are several seating options available that blend style with security and functionality. Tubz Plus also offers a selection of very stylish and secure grab bars that can be customized to meet your needs.



seated base

grab bars

Wall Colors & Style Options

Every bathtub to shower conversion project includes new walls being installed. With over 14 colors and 8 patterns to choose from, we are sure to have a design scheme to really give your new shower that look that you've been looking for. We offer several different designs and wall systems in solid patterns as well as well as marble, subway tile and much more.


Be sure to click here for more details on our Acrylic Wall Systems.


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