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Q. How much does it cost to refinish a bathtub?

A. There are alot of variables involved in pricing a bathtub or tile refinish project. We can either come out to look at your bathroom free of charge or you can give us a call so that we can ask a few questions, but you can be assured that the cost will be a fraction of the replacement cost.

Q. How long will the process take?

A. Bathtubs usually take around 4 to 5 hours. It's difficult to say about tile because it depends on how much tile and the condition, but most complete bathrooms can be done in a day or at most two.

Q. How long will my refinished tub last?

A. That depends on how it is cared for. If you follow our care instructions you should get 10 to 12 years of service from it.

Q. How long is the warranty?

A. Tubz Plus warrants all of it's application, installation and workmanship for ONE Year from date 0f application or installation.

Q. I've heard that I can't use a bathmat on my new refinished tub, is that true?

A. Conventional bathmats with the suction cups on the bottom are NOT recommended. The suction cups trap water which will over time soften the finish and cause it to fail prematurely. Damage as a result of bathmats is not covered under the Tubz Plus Warranty.

Q. When is payment for services made?

A. Full payment is expected when the job is completed for our refinishing services.

Q. What if I drop something on my refinished tub and damage it? Will it have to be refinished again?

A. No. Damages such as chips and scratches can be "spot" repaired without the need for refinishing the entire tub again.

Top Ten List of Care Rules For Your Refinished Bathtub:

1. DO NOT use the surface for the specified number of days or hours indicated by the refinisher who completed the job.

2. DO NOT lay soap or bottles or any objects on the finish at any time!

3. DO NOT let a leaky faucet go unrepaired.

4. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers. No S-O-S Pads. No Comet. No Soft Scrub.

5. DO NOT use loose bath mats with suctions underneath.

6. DO NOT pick surface dust off with your finger. Any surface dust will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.

7. The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. You don't have to wipe it dry.

8. Maintain caulking around the tub.

9. Here are some good cleansers to use:

Lysol Basin and Tile Cleaner

Mr. Clean

DOW Scubbing Bubbles


KRC7 by Chemique (available online)

10. Call Tubz Plus with any questions or concerns.

Feel free to explore our website to learn much more about our ability to meet your needs whether small or large. And we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have.

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